Khaled Barakeh . The Blue Hour

Between a lost identity and the belonging to a foreign culture As part of the Days of Exile, the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg (MKG) showed from 16 November 2018 until 13 January 2019 works by Syrian Artist Khaled Barakeh. In his work, the artist deals with long-term conflicts and their possible pacification, the experience of torture, flight and exile and how refugees cope with their war experiences, biographical breaks and with a new beginning. His approximately 20 works,Read more

Calligraphy is a Meeting with God

Artist Khaled Al Saai – A portrait, an encounter Khaled Al Saai summarizes the history of Syria in a painting. In 2018, he has been an Artist in Residence at the Museum of Islamic Art, Pergamon Museum in Berlin. “Calligraphy is music for the eye”, writes Syrian-German author Rafik Schami in the afterword to his novel “The Secret of the Calligrapher”. “For the less”, answers Khaled Al Saai smiling, one of the ten most important calligraphers in the world. AsRead more

A Book Long Buried in the Garden

Ahmad Kaddour . Inspired by a Book Long Buried in the Garden As told to Hosam Aboul-Ela, Oct. 7, 2016 I left my home in Damascus for a life in Europe decades ago, long before the migrant waves of today. At the time, I was an active member of the political left in a country run by the military and the secret police, so I had no real future in Syria. But my main motive for going to Paris in my 20sRead more

Voices Louder Than Gunfire

A Kiss for Syria: Tammam Azzam In early 2011, Damascus was witnessing the rise of a revolution. The world was beginning to notice a rebirth occurring in the Syrian capital and from all corners of the globe, it was being watched with a wary eye. Art had seized the city and the force of this renaissance was reverberating far beyond its ancient walls. People were flying to Damascus to buy art, and Syrian artists were being flown out to exhibitRead more

World Leaders As Refugees

A Syrian Artist Is Painting World Leaders As Refugees For An Important Reason “Those leaders who are partly responsible for the displacement of Syrians, maybe they will feel what it is to be vulnerable.” Abdalla Al Omari, a Syrian painter, filmmaker, and performance artist, is painting world leaders as refugees in an effort to humanize the ongoing refugee crisis in his home country while also casting powerful leaders in a vulnerable light. The Vulnerability Series, which was on display atRead more

A Colorful Humanism

Inventing figures that evade the classical vision, reflecting the everyday life and the human spirit, joy, sadness, violence and hope without time or space limitations, breaking the imposed framework in order to achieve a universe peculiar to himself, while maintaining a civic and humanistic connection with today’s world, such are the impressions that the art of Yaser Safi offers to the viewer: an art that breathes and blows a wind of freedom. We met him in Berlin, where he settledRead more

Un Humanisme Coloré

Inventer des figures qui échappent à la vision classique, refléter la vie de tous les jours et l’esprit humain, la joie, la tristesse, la violence et l’espoir, sans limites de temps ou d’espace, sortir du cadre imposé pour atteindre un univers propre à lui, tout en gardant une connexion citoyenne et humaniste avec le monde actuel, tels sont les impressions que l’art de Yaser Safi offre au spectateur : des œuvres qui respirent et font respirer l’air de la liberté. NousRead more

The Syrian Experience As Art

Syrian Art Exhibits Open in Rutland and Castleton by Rachel Elizabeth Jones, Seven Days September 28, 2016 “The Syrian Experience As Art”, an exhibition organized by Castleton University, Rutland, Vermont, USA. – Christine Price Gallery, Castleton, Vermont, USA, August 29 – October 14, 2016. – The Castleton Gallery Annex, Rutland, Vermont, USA, September, 2016 – January, 2017. A year after his announcement that the town would welcome 100 Syrian refugees, Rutland Mayor Chris Louras asked a favor of Castleton University professorRead more

Behind the Lines

Exhibition at Penticton Gallery, Penticton, Canada Jul 8, 2016 –  Sep 11, 2016 When I started to plan this exhibition over a year ago, I could not have imagined the relevance this summer’s exhibition of artworks by 19 contemporary Syrian artists would have had to our community today. Back then Syria for many was a far off place undergoing the most unimaginable of situations which occasionally made the local news, and even rarer still the front page. That allRead more

Syrian Art Coming to Penticton

by  Dale Boyd – Penticton Western News, Jun 28, 2016 In the midst of a conflict that has gripped the entire world, a connection created through art is bringing Penticton and Syria closer together. Humam Alsalim, a Syrian architect and co-founder of the Cyrrus Gallery, an online art gallery for young, contemporary Syrian artists is co-curating the latest exhibition at the Penticton Art Gallery. The exhibition, hosting 18 artists with just over 90 works across multiple formats including video, photography,Read more