The Monster That’s Devoured Everything

Syrian artist’s Hong Kong show is a response to the horrors of war Four years into Syria’s civil war, Fadi Yazigi clings to routine as he creates art that makes subtle but unmistakable reference to the horror all around him. “Fadi Yazigi: Contemporary art from Syria”, Yallay Gallery, 3/F, 6 Yip Fat Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong, 07/28 November 2015 Come rain or shine, Fadi Yazigi insists on walking to his studio every working day, even when there isRead more

Fade to Black

The psychological toll of Syria’s war in one breathtaking minute: Filmmaker Amer Albarzawi was living in Raqqa, Syria, two years ago as it became the stronghold of the Islamic State. “They changed our culture. They changed everything,” he said. The group, which he calls by the pejorative term “Daesh”, quickly instituted a series of rules that transformed daily life of Raqqa’s people. “One day, no smoking. Next day, no boys and girls together on the street,” Albarzawi said. “After oneRead more