Cyrrus Gallery

Visit our Cyrrus Online Gallery and our Syria art – Syrian artists Facebook page if you are interested in the Syrian Art!

Cyrrus Gallery is a unique platform for the promotion and sale of contemporary Syrian Art.

Based in Damascus, Syria, and co-founded by Humam Alsalim and Danii Kessjan, Cyrrus Gallery represents a curated selection of Syrian artists across a wide array of art genres – sculpture, painting, drawing and mixed media.

Building on their flair for collecting art, the two founders of Cyrrus Gallery bring a fresh and knowledgeable approach to better the understanding of Syrian Art. They believe in creating spaces where established and emerging Syrian artists can dialogue and exhibit their work, and where international art lovers, collectors, gallerists and curators can find a unique and curated assortment of artworks from artists from Syria, as well as from the Syrian Diaspora, conveniently available for purchase.

Cyrrus Gallery represents talented and creative Syrian artists that include, for instance, Maysa Mohammed, Reem Yassouf, Khaled Akil, Mahmood Daoud, among others. Some of the artists showing at Cyrrus Gallery are unknown outside of Syria, not only to the international public but also to the international commercial art world. In this effect, Cyrrus Gallery also operates as a springboard for young Syrian artists to launch their careers on an international level.

– The Syria Art – Syrian Artists page is exclusively dedicated to introducing to the people of the world, to international art lovers and collectors the Syrian Visual and Plastic Arts.

Our page is essentially an online directory and gallery for the Syrian Art, which serve as a platform for presenting and promoting the work of distinguished and emerging Syrian artists, as well as the work of talented younger Syrian artists. Deliberately neutral, our page stands beyond any considerations of ideological, ethnic, religious or political beliefs or issues.

Our motto: We do neither politics nor religions, we do ARTS. And as a philosophical leitmotiv which guides this page, we would like to mention this precious quote by Kahlil Gibran: “We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting”. 

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