Manhal Issa’s Paintbrush

Manhal Issa’s Paintbrush Human figures and vegetations, ghosts, restive horses and strained shadows disaggregate, stagger and dump down. It is only the weaving of the clouds of colours; clouds whose paintbrush creates a constant alchemy. And inside these clouds there are dances accompanied by the music of colours. Inside these clouds, there is a song directed by an orchestra made of lines, circles and ornaments, the canvas escapes from its matrix like buds that open and sparks that sparkle. ThisRead more

The Other Face of Manhal Issa’s Abstractions

The Other Face of Manhal Issa’s Abstractions The latest works by artist Manhal Issa (completed during 2014) cumulate various problematics of painting, as well as some philosophies, both historical and contemporary, regarding the creation of artistic works. Indeed, I realise in him the perfect obsession of being caught by the beginnings of Abstraction (middle of the twentieth century), and the will to follow its evolution until the tragedy that struck the forms after World War II, and the absurdity of itsRead more

Cyrrus Gallery

Visit our Cyrrus Online Gallery and our Syria art – Syrian artists Facebook page if you are interested in the Syrian Art! Cyrrus Gallery is a unique platform for the promotion and sale of contemporary Syrian Art. Based in Damascus, Syria, and co-founded by Humam Alsalim and Danii Kessjan, Cyrrus Gallery represents a curated selection of Syrian artists across a wide array of art genres – sculpture, painting, drawing and mixed media. Building on their flair for collecting art, the two founders of Cyrrus Gallery bringRead more